Brian Hodge : Same Hotel as Killer in Las Vegas

Brian emotional with Heather Dan & Ben

Brian Hodge : Same Hotel as Killer in Las Vegas
It was Las Vegas , the adult playground that saw a nightmare unfold & Brian was right next door.   

Local Gold Coaster,  Brian Hodge,  made way to the exact room that was in the Mandelyn Bay resort , little did he know that he was rooms away from the killer Stephen Paddock at Mandalay Bay.

He'd checked in with at least 10 rifles and smashed out windows, firing seemingly randomly into the crowd before being found dead in his room.

At least 19 guns, chemicals and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been found in the home of Las Vegas shooter - 64 year old Stephen Paddock.

America’s worst ever mass shooting has so far claimed the lives of at least 59 people, and around 527 were injured.

PADDOCK fired hundreds of bullets from an automatic weapon into crowds attending the Route 91 Country Music Festival yesterday, from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Listen to Brian Hodge who spoke emotionally to Heather, Dan & Ben :