Ali Didn't Say 'I Love You?'

Taite on not getting the return words

Ali Didn't Say 'I Love You?'

Heather, Dan & Ben put Taite to the test on the show this morning as they asked him just what it was like to say those three special words to Ali, with no return of the same. For the last two weeks of the show Ali repeatedly mentioned she just wanted to know how Taite felt, but he always held his cards close to his chest.

It was as though Ali was 'testing' Taite, and he didn't give in by telling her what she wanted to hear. But, Taite finally opened up in last night's finale and told her he loved her, and as everyone anticipated the perfect response, Ali failed to tell Taite she loved him. Instead, Ali just said that hearing those words 'make her so happy' #letdown! Here's how Taite felt about the situation!

Taite also told Heather, Dan & Ben if he and Ali are still together.