Why - Sabrina Carpenter

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Why - Sabrina Carpenter

It's hard to believe that Sabrina Carpenter is only 19 years old and she's been working on her third album.. amazing right?

Her electropop song 'Why' is super catchy, the message being that even though you've got differences with someone, you can still get along. I love the production throughout the song. I hate comparing songs but I'm going to do it. It reminds me of Selena Gomez's 'It Ain't Me', how her chorus vocals mixes with the synths; it's such a cool sound. Have a listen for yourself and be prepared to be UH-MAZED.

Fun fact: 'Why' was co-written by Leland who is behind some of you fave hits by Troye Sivan as well as Daya's 'Hide away' and Selena Gomez's latest song 'Fetish'. He also has a single out called 'Mattress', definitely have a listen. His voice is just INCREDIBLE. 

Why (Official Video) by Sabrina Carpenter on VEVO.