Wil Anderson's Comedy Tour Is Coming To Bendigo!

And it's gonna be punny

Wil Anderson's Comedy Tour Is Coming To Bendigo! Sydney Opera House

Last week Flick & Tim spoke to Wil Anderson, whose comedy tour ‘Wilegal’ will be stopping by Bendigo’s Ulumbarra Theatre this November.

The show hilariously narrates the weekend over which Wil was arrested on a flight to Wagga Wagga. When Flick & Tim asked what the arrest was for, Wil answered, “Well you have to come see the show. Or just google it, it’s on the public record… I mean if you really don’t want to come and see the show, you could just google it and find it out yourself.”

Wil is famous for using his own name as a pun in every show title, and so naturally you’d wonder if he’ll ever run out of ideas. But Wil put any concerns to rest, assuring Flick & Tim, “There’s about another 25 on the list that I have at home. I’ve done 22 or 23 shows with Wil in the title and I’ve got another 25 up my sleeve.”

Flick & Tim definitely had some interesting pun suggestions throughout the interview that you can hear below…