Is 2018 the Year of the Red Head?

It could well be!

Is 2018 the Year of the Red Head?

Red Heads everywhere are taking to the streets, globally (with SPF 50+ and hats on, of course) to celebrate the latest announcement of Emoji’s to be added to the collection in 2018.

Up until now, there has been no red headed Emoji. Well, technically the clown has red hair, but that hardly seems fair on our ginger friends.


After years of campaigning for justice and equality, red heads have finally won. #giveustheginge #theclownisnotenough

Emoji has previewed the new red head Emoji’s, and as expected they look exactly the same as the blonde, brunette and black haired figures, but with bright, glorious orange hair!

However, our carrot-top pals aren’t the only ones being officially recognised, Emoji are releasing grey haired Emoji’s, bald Emoji’s and Emoji’s with tight braids and afro’s (coooool).

As well as a stack of new hair colours, Emoji has announced some other great additions, 157 to be precise! If you’ve ever felt like there was a hiking boot shaped hole in your Emoji library, fear not.

The design team at Emoji probably have the best job in the world, in 2018 they’ve outdone themselves, by adding such items as a mango, a roll of toilet paper and a kangaroo.


Keep your eye out for the next Emoji update!