Flick and Tim's Loser Sweep!

Losers Unite!

Flick and Tim's Loser Sweep!

Flick and Tim haven't had much luck in office sweeps. Never placing and not evenĀ getting the wooden spoon prize.

Lots of Central Victorian's have the same level of luck and we want to pool them together for the Hit Bendigo Loser Sweep! If you have a race sweep full of losers at least ONE persons luck will turn around, right?

Nothing to do with copyright but we all know the BIGGEST race of the spring carnival season is the Mildura Maiden Plate! Countless Australian's get the Tuesday off to celebrate the small Victorian city of Mildura and we want to get involved.

We took some losers in the sweep this morning including Mildura celeb Billows, listen below. More chances back tomorrow on the show!