Sophie Monk Reveals She’s Leaving Australia So She Won’t Spoil The Bachelorette Result

We spoke to Sophie!

Sophie Monk isn’t too good at keeping a secret – which is a problem when you’re the star of The Bachelorette!

The show debuted on our screens last night, but filming actually wrapped up a while ago. That means Sophie has been in a secret relationship with her chosen guy for a few months. 

Sophie revealed to Fox FM’s Fifi, Dave, Fev and Byron that she is heading off overseas because she’s worried that she will accidentally spoil the result of the show.

“I’m leaving the country, I’m not kidding,” Sophie told Fifi, Dave, Fev and Byron. “I actually am.”

She revealed that her chosen guy, who she refers to as Uncle Dave, would not be going with her. 

“I’m going with my best friend Oscar.” 

Fev also asked Sophie if it was love at first sight when she met one of the guys on the red carpet.

“Yeah and then I got it wrong and he was a c**k,” Sophie said before the studio exploded into laughter.

“There’s a few I got wrong,” she said. “I think I’m a good judge of character. But there was a couple I went ‘oh you want fame’.”

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