"It Opened The Flood Gates": Laurina Talks Family Tragedy & Her New Boyfriend

She spoke to Fifi, Fev & Byron

"It Opened The Flood Gates": Laurina Talks Family Tragedy & Her New Boyfriend Channel Ten

Shortly after a dramatic end to Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor In Paradise, it was revealed fan-favourite Laurina Fleure had exited the show. Fleure was noticeably absent from a lot of the filming, with cast members commenting about the amount of time she spent in her room.

After the official announcement was made, Fleure posted a heartfelt message explaining the truth behind her shock decision. Unfortunately, she had lost her older brother a month before filming and had seen 'Paradise' as an escape.

Fleure spoke to Fifi, Fev & Byron on Wednesday about the family tragedy...

"I had been distracting myself with life in paradise and hoping I could run away and push it down," she explained. "When they caught me off guard that evening, it opened the flood gates."

"I wasn't able to open up, I didn't want to tell anyone. I wanted to pretend it wasn't happening. I wasn't ready to deal with it. The thought of having to open up when I wasn't given notice on the date, I didn't have time to put on my happy face.

"I did need to listen to my body and wasn't healthy for me to be there. It was wonderful to be there for the week that I was."


In happier news, Fleure revealed she has found LOVE outside the show...

"I met a gorgeous man. His name is Al. He's in advertising now, but he worked in the mines for 10 years.

"You know how I made that list? The universe responds very well to details."

Fevola asked for some goss, with Fleure revealing she thought Daniel was a 'pig'. He also asked if Jarrod and Keira were together, which she replied that she felt the pair already loved eachother in another life.

"They were aligned to meet before they were on this earth." Interesting...

Listen to the audio...