We're holding the BEST PARTY EVER for Logan!

And it's also for special kids like him

Recently Fifi shared her concern over her daughter Trixie being alone at kinder and not being able to make friends. Turns out, Fifi is not alone in feeling this.

We received so many calls from Melbourne parents who also worry for their kids with the biggest issue being children getting excluded from birthday parties. Bev called us and told the team about her son Logan who is about to turn 7. Logan has spina bifida which causes him incontinence, meaning he has to wear a nappy and requires a carer at school. Bev also told us that Logan had a birthday party last year but nobody came.

It was then that Fifi had the brilliant idea of holding Logan a huge birthday where all the other kids who have felt lonely and haven't been invited to a party can attend!

The party is still in it's planning stages, but soon we'll have a very special birthday for a very special boy!