Em Rusciano Stands Up For All Women On The Debate That C-Section Births Are “Lazy”

"Women need to stop judging"

Em Rusciano Stands Up For All Women On The Debate That C-Section Births Are “Lazy” emrusciano/ Instagram

This morning on The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen, they covered the topic that everyone is talking about this morning… c-section births 

The discussion came after Kate Hudson sparked a fierce debate amongst woman and parents after she labelled her c-section birth as ‘lazy’.

In her recent interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress responded to a question about the “laziest thing” she’s ever done with the answer: “Have a C-section.”


While, it’s hard to tell how serious/joking she was in the in-print interview, her answer has certainly created a stir.

Em and Harley took callers on the topic this morning, and naturally everyone had their own strong opinion. 

Most callers agreed that there was no way that having a caesarean birth is lazy.

Sometimes our bodies don’t work the way that we plan and sometimes there is a medical condition that will get in the way… and of course, sometimes being told that you need to have a c-section is hard enough to deal with mentally, as you feel like you’re already not doing a good job as a mother.

While most people agreed with Em on the topic, there were some callers who didn’t agree.

One caller stated that it was in fact lazy if women are opting for that option… because we are “given woman parts for a reason.”

The debate then took a turn after that and Em made the statement that while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we must stop judging and comparing others.

Em asked the caller, “Don’t you think that as long as the baby comes out healthy that it’s not really a competition, I feel like you feel like you’re superior mother because you did it naturally.. is that how you feel?”

The caller stated that she did not feel superior at all and Em continued to ask her why she felt that way about C-sections.

Asking, “why do you judge a women for having a caesarean?”

The caller replied with, “When you give birth naturally, it’s a totally different feeling, I would rather have every mother feel that."

Em hit back and asked if she had ever had a C-section? 

The caller who is a mother of 6 boys with all natural births, replied with, "I have had a lot of induces."

Em then asked how does she know what the feeling is like of a c-section, if she has never had one.

The caller expressed that a lot of her friends have had c-sections and that they had concerns that they weren’t bonding with their baby enough.  

Em then stated, “Don’t you think that need less judgement between mums and women don’t you think we all need to be doing what you’re saying, not judging how the babies come out.”

And well, the caller hit back once again saying, “I’m not judging, but there are people out there who just don’t want to have babies because it will ruin their parts… I mean if you don’t want to do that just don’t have sex.”

Em then applauded the woman for being brave for stating her opinion, and after taking a few more calls, Em made one very bold statement of her own.

“Women just need to stop judging other women and let’s just accept that being a mother is hard enough and let’s not start the judgement from the moment the child takes it first breath.”

We respect everyone’s opinion, but we are so proud of Em for starting this conversation that really needs to be spoken about more.

Have a listen to the full conversation below:

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