Em Rusciano On Those Sophie Monk And Stu Laundy Rumours

Are they on or off?

Em Rusciano On Those Sophie Monk And Stu Laundy Rumours

Em Rusciano has revealed that she thinks Bachelorette Sophie Monk has ‘played everyone’ and may have had no intention of ever finding true love on the show.

After watching the couple’s appearance on The Project on Friday night, Em said she thinks there isn’t a ‘ skerrick of romance between the two of them”.

“She, to me, looked uncomfortable and cagey and like she didn’t want to be there.”

Em went on to say that she believed Monk had got ‘exactly what she wanted to get out of this show.'

“I think she’s a smart businesswoman, that she wants to be in the entertainment industry and I think she’s become Australia’s darling.''

''Everyone got to see her true skill and talent as a human and I think that she’s really played a trick on everyone because the ultimate prize for her will be a great career, not a man.''

“I think she’s played everyone and I salute that and I high five Sophie Monk.”

There have been murmurs around the relationship before it was officially revealed that Monk had chosen Stu Laundy in the season finale and it’s only ramping up more and more following their awkward appearance on the Project.