Em Rusciano Has An Important Message For All Working Mums

We all needed to hear this.

Em Rusciano has a passionate message to all working mums, after reading a column that slams them for being selfish.

"Sometimes I feel like when someone puts out something so poisonous and harmful that its my responsibility... to be the antidote to that poison and to reassure people that she's written about that what she's saying isn't true."

The column, written by Miranda Devine, was titled Don't Let Your Career Make You A Bad Mother.

Em summarised the piece as stating: "women are defined by their family, women who care about careers are selfish, she said that the pay gap isn't real and that women prefer to selfishly work and then use IVF by choice."

"First of all, no one chooses IVF, Miranda."

Watch the video to see what Em has to say.