It's Time To Nominate Townsville!

The Baton Awaits!

It's Time To Nominate Townsville!

It’s time to nominate our Townsville Batonbearer for the Queen’s Baton Relay.

The person we're nominating is our Awesomely Average Emily!

We've made it super easy to do. Just click on this link and enter in your details as shown.

The next step is to enter in Emily's details.

Her full name is Emily Bennett, her email address is and her postcode is 4810.

Almost there! 

Your 100 word nomination is a copy and paste away

 “The idyllic city of Townsville has it all; picturesque sunsets, thriving art and culture, a passion for sport and people with a friendly one of a kind larrikin nature. Someone who doesn’t seek to outshine our town, but enhances it is my nominee Emily. She’s awesomely average and represents all Townsvillians. She flies under the radar saying she’s ‘just an average admin worker and mum of two’, but she’s more than that. She passionately cares about her town, her family and friends and the almighty North Queensland Cowboys. She would proudly represent her city and has my full support’’

Thanks for your support!

You never know, we might just get Awesomely Average Emily across the line!