Cliffo & Loggy's Compliment Battle

A World First "Positive" Rap Battle

As RNB Friday’s Live 2017 makes its way around the country – Cliffo & Loggy were asking one question – ‘Were any of the artists doing some cool old school – 8 Mile style – rap battles?’

The answer was no, so they decided to do their own rap battle against each other.

But then they decided that they actually liked each other too much to do that – and the ‘Compliment Battle’ was born. A rap to make you feel better not worse about yourself.

The team needed some sweet rap gimmicks (Cliffo wearing a toothbrush in his hair and Loggy an air freshener off her ear) and some sweet rap names.

We now introduce to you – in a world first – mc2 (MC Squared) and The Notorious L.O.G in the world’s FIRST EVER ‘COMPLIMENT BATTLE’!