Lowey & Javid Bowen Admit That Friday Night Will Be Emotional


Lowey & Javid Bowen Admit That Friday Night Will Be Emotional Zimbio

Johnathan Thurston's final home game is on the horizon, so pass the Kleenex. 

We already know that fans will be emotional-and we can't imagine how JT's wife Samantha will be feeling- but the players admit it'll be tough for them as well. 

Speaking with Cliffo & Gabi this morning, Cowboys Ethan Lowe and Javid Bowen said it'll be a big game. 


"It's gonna be a massive one, with a couple of milestones. Matty Scott playing his 250th, Jakey Granville's playing his 100th for the club, and then we've got Johno's last home game," Lowey told Cliffo & Gabi. 

"I think for him especially (JT) it's going to be pretty emotional, he's been up here for a long time, and played a lot of games, but we're just concentrating on trying to get the win for him."


Later in the chat Javid Bowen got on the mic and shared an exclusive JT memory with Cliffo & Gabi that he hasn't even told Thursto. 

"I remember I was in Grade 7, I came down for a home game and you know how he hands out the head guard? I've got one at home that was signed in 2005. I never thought I'd play in the same team as him," said Javid. 


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