Meet the Team


Meet the Team
Chris Baskerville

Chris Baskerville is a former graduate of CSU Bathurst and AFTRS and is also a qualified dress maker. He has also worked pruning grapevines in vineyards, flipping burgers for Burger King and that one time as the Sunrise Cash Cow.

He grew up in the small town of Kandos where he was School Captain of Kandos High (yes he’s still holding on to that one) and he has one trophy to his name for placing 5th in a tennis tournament that consisted of only 5 people.

Chris has done breakfast radio in Orange for the past 6 years after doing radio in Sydney, Lithgow and Bathurst. His favourite questions are “So…what time do you get up” and “I bet that’s hard”.

Chris lives in Orange with his wife and kids whom he hopes to have breakfast with one day.