The Bodge & Rach Joint Tinder Account

"This is going to end badly"

The Bodge & Rach Joint Tinder Account

In what is potentially a world first, Bodge and Rach have created a joint Tinder account to try and reach more listeners. This idea sprang from a challenge that Rach issued Bodge during the Commonwealth games; 'Match with an athlete's Tinder profiles over on the Gold Coast with 24 hours'

Bodge surprised Rach with the news on Thursday that he'd been so bored that he created the account to see what would happen.

"I thought to myself, how can I make Rach's life more unbearable" he said.

Rach wasn't initially impressed, but afforded Bodge 2 weeks to see how it went, giving him permission to use her photos to make a joint account.

"This is going to end badly..." Rach added. 

The question remains as to Bodge's intentions... Was this a legitimate attempt to reach more listeners, or a sad attempt to pick up?

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