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Cass Wins The Brekkie Show #HitSpill Over Bodge!

Congrats, Cass!

Cass Wins The Brekkie Show #HitSpill Over Bodge!

The #HitSpill has FINALLY come to a conclusion! 

Bodge & Cass went head-to-head to find who was the next leader of the Hit Mid North Coast breakfast show.  


Thanks to YOUR votes, Cass came out on top, having the opportunity to panel the show. 

"I actually can't believe it, I thought you were going to win. You've been here for longer," she said. 

Cass received 492 votes, which left Bodge with no other option than to accept defeat and congratulate her. Even the GM voted for her! 

Well done, Cass!

Listen to Cass' #HitSpill victory speech and Bodge's defeat here: