"So Devastating"- Carrie And Tommy Weigh In On Marriage Equality Debate

'We're talking about people's lives'

"So Devastating"- Carrie And Tommy Weigh In On Marriage Equality Debate

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that the government will try to hold a plebiscite on same sex marriage, and if the legislation is rejected a postal vote will be held over eight weeks from September. 

The guys weighed in on the absolute devastating mess this afternoon. 

"We are no closer to getting same sex marriage in this country," Carrie said. 

"$122 million and they may not even take on what we all say... it's just crazy," she said. 

"For a non compulsory, non binding result..." Tommy added. 

"We started really thinking about same sex marriage in this country maybe, 5 years ago? And I think the opinion was more evenly divided than it is now."

"In a short amount of time, a lot of countries have enacted same-sex marriage, society hasn't crumbled, and I think people, more than ever realise this is a basic issue of equality, and we need to just move on."

Carrie revealed she had a conversation with a good friend of hers who is gay, who said his biggest fear about a plebiscite is having to deal with all of the hate mail and anti-same sex marriage pamphlets that come in the mail. 

"It will destroy the way he feels about himself, the way he feels about his family. He's trying to have a baby at the moment with his partner, and he said a lot of the opposing argument will focus on the fact he's not in a real family," she said. 

"One of his greatest fears is that the ballot will come back and say no, and then he will realise he is not accepting in our country."

"These people are bickering, trying to keep on wing of the party happy and trying to keep their jobs, and we're actually talking about people's lives."

"They are so worried about breaking promises...parties break promises every day and they don't seem to care, so why are they so fixated on not breaking this promise?"

Hear the full audio below.