Hamish Reveals The Meaning Behind Baby Rudy Blake's Name!

Clucky Tommy can't handle this!

Hamish Reveals The Meaning Behind Baby Rudy Blake's Name!

Hamish Blake called into Carrie & Tommy this week to talk about his gorgeous new-born Rudy Hazel Blake!

Carrie asked Hamish if his baby girl's name was inspired by the character 'Rudy' on The Cosby Show.

"You know, it's not, but it's the only other Rudy we can find in society where that is a girls name," Hamish said. 

"I was reading somewhere, I don't think it was even meant to be a girls name. I think it was meant to be a dude character, and then that actress auditioned for it and they said, 'You're great. We'll just keep it as Rudy, but now you're a girl'." 

"So I think she invented Rudy as a girls name."

Hamish then explained what the name meant to he and wife Zoë Foster Blake.

"It's related to Gertrude, which is actually Zoë's Mum's name, Gertie."

"So the 'rude' in Gertrude...yeah it's not very interesting!" 

On Mum Zoe, blake said she was doing great!

"Champion birth, just bloody inspirational," he said. 

Hear more about Hame's first week with Rudy...or away from her after he was struck down with pink eye. Poor bloke!