Carrie Bickmore On The Struggle Of Explaining Terrorism To Your Children

Are you honest?

Following the recent foiled terrorist attack in Sydney, Carrie had a really difficult time comforting her son Ollie over the news, given how close to home the situation was. 

"It was really interesting watching the news with my son this morning, some kids are really shielded from things (but) I think because of the job I do he hears a lot about news," she said. 

"And often I'm able to say, 'Oh no that happened overseas...that won't happen here. That was a concert there or a really well known building overseas'."

"It's been really interesting this, because I found it really hard to comfort him after he heard about this."

"Because I didn't have the ability to say it's not happening here."

"I couldn't say it was while doing something you wouldn't normally do, as he does go on aeroplanes."

Carrie went on to say she attempted to comfort him by reminding him of the importance of 'living our lives' and that there were 'lots of dangers in the world'. 

"He's a really curious kid and kids deal with things differently... I have other friends who really shield their kids from it," she said. 

"But I found this morning very interesting, the way we deal with it as parents."

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