Ray Hadley Responds To Bodge And Rach's Comments

"Apparently they're upset with me"

Ray Hadley Responds To Bodge And Rach's Comments Ray Hadley, 2GB

2GB Media Heavyweight Ray Hadley has responded to comments made by Bodge and Rach about Alex, Hit FM's local traffic reporter, doing Ray's traffic reports this week.

Alex has been doing the traffic reports on Hit Mid North Coast since Bodge and Rach took over this year. He was born on the Mid North Coast and has strong ties to the station. His dad, Strawny, has been doing breakfast on Hit FM's sister station Triple M for the last "100 years approximately", according to Ray Hadley, who is good friends with him. 

Ray's long time traffic reporter, Ian Wallis, is on leave for the week and Alex (as part of the Australian Traffic Network) has been filling in. Bodge and Rach made the comment that Ray had 'stolen' their whipping boy. Ray caught wind of this and was kind enough to address Bodge and Rach in regards to Alex doing some work at 2GB this week on his show. 

Hear what Ray had to say:

...Bodge wasn't quite done stirring the pot, playing a recording of his call to 2GB yesterday on Ray's programme, only for Ray to let Alex have free reign to rip into Bodge while his microphone was turned down...


Bodge wasn't too phased this morning about get roasted. "He played right into my hands. I WANTED him to take notice. We'll see him on Friday and give him a hug or something." said Bodge this morning. 

Ray will be on the Mid North Coast, doing his show live from the Port Macquarie Race Club Friday morning from 8am. 

Alex Strachan will be back doing the local traffic reports next week.