Bodge Loses 6 Month Bet In Tragic Circumstances

"I was so close, as well..."

Bodge Loses 6 Month Bet In Tragic Circumstances Bodge 'Local Nuisance' & Ash Myatt 'Big Boss'

A six month wager, that has effectively separated the men from the boys, has concluded today.

A bet was made between Bodge and his Regional General Manager, Ash, that Bodge couldn't go 6 months doing breakfast on Hit Mid North Coast without succumbing to using the Kardashian name. The loser would owe the victor a carton of beer and of course, would lose a great deal of face around the workplace. 

On Wednesday 27th of June (1 day shy of 5 months in), Bodge finally slipped up while talking about actor Tessa James, and the reveal of her child's unusual name. 

“I was never in doubt from the very start. Bodge has always let himself down”, Said a victorious Ash Myatt.

Ash now has the difficult task of choosing which carton he'd like Bodge to procure for him.

Hear the whole show here.