OPERATION: Cuddle Ray Hadley

"I've been in this industry too long"

OPERATION: Cuddle Ray Hadley Ray pretends to handcuff Bodge

All week, Bodge and Rach have been stirring the pot with Ray Hadley after Alex, their local traffic reporter, was borrowed By Ray to fill in doing Sydney traffic reports for the week on 2GB. Ray's show is networked all over the country, including on the Mid North Coast (Triple M Mid North Coast.)

Ray happened to be doing a show in Port Macquarie on Friday and it was the perfect opportunity after a week of trolling Ray and his show, to show the softer side of the broadcasting veteran.

Operation: "Cuddle Ray Hadley" was announced Friday morning by the pair, who just wanted a way to end a week of fun on a loving note.

If you haven't seen the video of the operation, here it is...