Who will win Matty J's Heart?

The Battle for LOVE.

Gonna be honest - it's been a few years since I have been into Bachie.


Sam Wood's season was the last time I was obsessed.

And now it's happened again. 


Channel 10 have made this season of The Bachelor one of the best. Drama, Cat Fights, Jealously - it's all there and it's all very watchable.

But who will win Matty J's Heart?

You can actually bet on it..

HERE: http://promotions.sportsbet.com.au/online-bachelor-betting-10-80-social/?dclid=CO7N9euay9UCFYEslgod2qcGZA

At the moment the top 3 are:

LAURA: paying $1.40

LISA: paying $4.50

ELISE: paying $6.50


May the best woman win! My bets are on Laura - who do you think will win and why? Let me know on the Facebook post! 

Bella x