Wish You Pulled Off THAT Hollyweed Stunt?

Infamous New Years Eve stunt

Wish You Pulled Off THAT Hollyweed Stunt?

We all had a chuckle at the New Year’s Eve stunt that saw La La Land’s Hollywood sign transformed to Hollyweed. However, it hasn’t been until now that we discovered the Hollyweed brand name is surprisingly owned by the SA based Australian Cannabis Corporation.

Amos, Cat & Angus spoke to Ben Fitzsimons about the stunt, and while he was reluctant to take responsibility, he insists it was all above board, as his business partner Shane Yeend actually owns the rights to the Hollywood sign. (Despite a man named Zachary Fernandez appearing in the LA courts after physically changing the sign and surrendering to the LAPD).

But why Hollyweed? Well in California in 2018 recreational cannabis will be available for sale legally. While Colorado have already made it available and are reaping huge economic rewards. But will South Australia be next to follow?

Ben told Amos, Cat & Angus that he and his business partner are working with the South Australian Government to try make cannabis legally available in SA – he believes there’s high employment opportunities, medical benefits too, and of course a buck to be made.

Currently it’s legal Australia wide to get medical cannabis – but the wait is eight months to get the product. Due to this most people go to the black market.

Only time will tell whether legislative change will happen on both the medical cannabis debate but also for recreational marijuana. 

Take a listen to the full chat here:

Listen in tomorrow to hear from Steve Peek, a father to daughter Suli who suffers severe seizures who’s cannibas oil supply has been cut off.