Will Your Suburb Be Without Power Again Tonight?

List of suburbs has been released.

Will Your Suburb Be Without Power Again Tonight?

It’s the biggest talking point today: the heat AND the lack of power some households have had!

The Energy Minister for SA Tom Koutsantonis joined Amos, Cat & Angus to explain what happened last night:

“Quite frankly, I think every one is getting FED up with way that they run the national electricity market. Last night didn’t have to happen and it did.”

I’ve told them very frankly last night, this experiment that has occurred through the privatisation is ETSA, is over. We are going to re-take control over our electricity system, we are not going to let private owners of our assets based in other states, tell us when we can and can’t have power.”

Take a listen to the whole chat here:

There are scheduled outages occurring once again in Adelaide this evening:

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