This Is What It's Really Like To Work With Your Ex

Have you been through this?

This Is What It's Really Like To Work With Your Ex


Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have sadly called it quits after eight years of marriage - but to make things incredibly awkward, Anna's memoir Unqualified is hitting stores in October!

The book reportedly touches on many different aspects of their relationship, including how they met, their wedding and how they feel watching each other kiss their co-stars. But if that wasn't uncomfortable enough now that they've split, it also features a forward from Chris himself. 

This got Amos, Cat and Angus talking about working with someone you used to date. 

It turns out that Cat dated a co-worker when she worked interstate and it was super awkward afterwards. 

"We were amicable, but everyone around you looks and watches everything," Cat explained.

Jess called in and told Amos, Cat and Angus about her sister who broke up with a guy from work and then later got transferred. Unfortunately the guy also got transferred a few months later and became her manager!

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