The Sad Reality Behind Eurydice Dixon’s Tragic Death

'I have to think the worst in everyone'

The Sad Reality Behind Eurydice Dixon’s Tragic Death

Australia is currently mourning the loss of one of the country’s up-and-coming comedians after Eurydice Dixon, 22, was murdered earlier this week.

Her body was found in the early hours of Wednesday morning on a soccer pitch in a Melbourne park, where it is understood that she was attacked just several hundred metres away from her home.

Eurydice had finished a gig on Tuesday night before walking home.

It has since been revealed that the final message she sent from her phone was to a friend, moments before Eurydice should have arrived.

It read: “I’m almost home safe, HBU?”

However, Eurydice never made it home.

Jaymes Todd, 19, from Broadmeadows in Melbourne, has since come forward to police and admitted to allegedly raping and killing the comedian.

This morning, Amos, Cat & Angus opened up about the tragic event on air and discussed this sad reality women face every day.

As Amos has been part of the comedy family for years, he touched on how the incident shocked the community.

Take a listen:

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