Matty J Reveals How He Got Bachelor Body-Ready

And we are eternally grateful!

Matty J Reveals How He Got Bachelor Body-Ready

Australia's 2017 Bachelor Matty J dropped by to chat with Amos, Cat & Angus about everyone's favourite TV show!

Matty opened up about some of the girls, and what the dynamic is really like inside the house. 

Cat wanted to know how much work Matty had to put in to get his body ready for all those shirtless dates.

"I want to say that it was all just natural... but two months prior to filming starting I did make a conscious effort to really ramp up my gym routine," Matty said. "I thought to myself I'm sure they're going to make my take my shirt off."

Check out what else Matty had to say about his Bachelor experience so far:

And, with our bachelorette Tina in the studio for her Billboard Singles phone dates, how could we pass up the opportunity to have The Bachelor himself deciding who would make it to the next round?

Have a listen below: