Matt Preston Reveals The Best Pancake Hack & We Have To Try It Now!

So simple!

Matt Preston Reveals The Best Pancake Hack & We Have To Try It Now!

Whenever I have to fill out an ‘about me’ section on any sort of application, there is one fact that always makes the cut: I love pancakes.

I love pancakes so much that I could talk about them for hours with an entire powerpoint presentation prepared featuring various slides regarding batter textures, a chart reflecting the different shades of 'golden', and an open discussion about countless topping combinations.

So, when Masterchef’s Matt Preston stopped by hit107 yesterday and revealed to Amos, Cat & Angus this pancake hack, I was elated. 


The food expert let us in on a simple hack to transform a regular pancake into a fancy c
rème brûlée pancake

“Just when it’s at that point when you’re about to flip it, you sprinkle on some sugar over the top of the pancake, THEN you flip it over.

"What happens is, that sugar turns to crispy toffee-like - you know the top of a crème brûlée - it give you this creme rule crust over the top.

"Then, you serve it with something really simple like segments of pink grapefruit, something that has a little bit of acidity to balance the sweetness.” 

Take a listen to all of Matt's food theories and hacks below!

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