Is This Our Funniest Set Of Phone Dates Yet?

Witness the litness!

Is This Our Funniest Set Of Phone Dates Yet?

Our Billboard Single Sam is a crowd favourite and is racking up the likes and comments on her Facebook post!


The men of Adelaide called up, with most of them keen to reference her key word 'litness' to try and win her over. 

Gabe, Illias and Jackson competed for Sam's affections. 

Gabe said he "loves his weekends" and confirmed he had braces six years ago - something Sam was very interested in. 

Jackson said he just wanted to "pop in a call" to get to know Sam, but then ran out of things to talk about. 

Illias was the final date, but unfortunately Sam seemed to ahve a bit of an issue with his height. 

There was controversy as Sam went for Gabe, who flew under the radar to secure a win. 

Where will they go to get lift AF? Watch this space.