I Spent A Week Biting Hugh Jackman's Neck

The Job Every Woman Wants

I Spent A Week Biting Hugh Jackman's Neck

Women of the world rejoice!

One of our fellow-biddy's jobs is to bite Hugh Jackman's neck.

'I absolutely loved it.. doing a fight sequence on X-Men 3'.

Ky Furneaux is an Adelaide-born stunt actress working on the biggest films in Hollywood.

She's been the body double for stars like Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Sharon Stone.

Other leading men she's had the chance to work with include Chris Hemsworth.

'He's such a good bloke', she says about working on the set of Thor.

'There was always laughter on set and practical jokes'.

Amos, Cat and Angus spoke to Ky and asked her what it's like to be a female doing stunts in film?

'You're falling down next to guys wearing suits and they can wear a full rugby-style pad set.. it's very hard when you're wearing sexy little outfits to fit anything in'.

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