How To Avoid A Sunburn Nightmare

It's getting hot in Adelaide!

How To Avoid A Sunburn Nightmare

With the mercury reaching over 36 degrees Celsius, it’s one of those days to be very aware of being sun smart in the rays. 

This comes after many families nationwide have been using Banana Boat SPF 50+ Ultra spray sunscreens and experiencing as bad as second degree burns after just 45 minutes in the sun after allegedly fully applying the products, like this Adelaide mother Georgina Bueti.



So if you’re hitting the beach any time soon – perhaps opt for a different sunscreen and remember to Slip, Slop, Slap!

Cat tried to warn a fellow holiday maker recently in Bali of the dangers of the sun. Unfortunately he didn’t listen and she witnessed a British tourist getting so sun burnt that he blistered up badly and spent the rest of the holiday in the shade on a beanbag.

We took calls on the worst sunburn ever, take a listen: