Dr Chris Brown Discusses The ‘Cuttlefish’ Dating Theory

Was your boyfriend a deceptive fish?

Dr Chris Brown Discusses The ‘Cuttlefish’ Dating Theory Dr Chris Brown Facebook

Before appearing on The Living Room tonight to dive into all things cuttlefish in Whyalla, South Australia, Dr Chris Brown caught up with Amos, Cat & Angus this morning to tell us more!

Focussing on the mating and breeding of the fish, Amos brought up the ‘cuttlefish’ dating theory to the I’m A Celeb host who totally agreed that it’s the perfect analogy.

“The males will fight each other to try and pick a mate. The cuttlefish theory is that the weaker males will actually disguise themselves as women and get away from the fight and then they get to breed with women.

“A lot of people say that’s what beta males do in the male world too instead of competing with other men, they’re like 'I’m just your friend, let’s hang out. I’ll get a cocktail with you,' and then they go ‘oh, he’s cuttlefished. He’s disguised himself as a woman to try and get a mate.”

Take a listen to the hilarious chat below!

Do you think this theory rings true? Was your partner just ‘one of the girls’ before you took things further? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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