Christian Bale's Ex Assistant Tells All

I Think I Had The Worst Hands Down

Christian Bale's Ex Assistant Tells All

Harrison Cheung was Christian Bale’s assistant for over 10 years and has gone on to write a tell-all book about the star.

In it, he reveals he suffered post traumatic stress disorder from the job, 'I was the real life Alfred, it was very very stressful'.

Amos, Cat and Angus asked what sort of tasks he'd get from the Batman actor.

'I did everything; driving him around, his schedule, his food, spotting for weights, taking care of publicity, answering fan mail, calling Producers and Directors'. 

Harrison wasn't working for Bale during the famous Terminator Salvation rampage but says 'in the past whenever he had an issue like that, I would hear about it from the Producer and between his Dad and I, we'd start calling and apologising'.

The rule of thumb is don't piss off the crew.  

Harrison would compare notes with the other celeb PA’s, discussing the worst things they had to do and also share tips on industry contacts.

We asked him who the worst celeb to work for was?

'I think I had them pretty hands down' he laughed. 

'People tend to forget that he (Bale) is a former child actor and they tend to be the worst'.

Apparently Bale would lecture people for asking for an autograph saying how dare you waste my time.

'I saw him chew-down children' Harrison said.

Amos asked about Christian's decision to turn down a role that would have earned him $100 million – Bond.

'He thought it was a stereotypically despicable role for English actors, he didn’t want to play another 'serial killer'.

And what's the most ridiculous thing he had to do?

'How long is this show?' Harrison joked. 

'I had to go to film festivals with him where he would play with a posh British accent - "Harrison fetch me my prophylactics" - and I'd have to go find him condoms.

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