Carson Kressley: Queer Eye And I'm A Celeb

Spills The Beans On His Fav Aussie Celeb

Carson Kressley: Queer Eye And I'm A Celeb

The term 'jzeush' became part of everyone's vocab once Queer Eye for the Straight Guy helped educate our young Aussie males.

And that certainly includes Amos! 

"That was the first time a lot of Australian living rooms had 4 gay guys in them, the world has changed a lot since the guys hit the screens," he said. 

The gang spoke with Carson Kressley who was recently booted out of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

He said “one of the best things about being part of Queer Eye was making people’s coming out process easier".

"We didn’t intend to change people’s attitudes about gay people, I just wanted to get them out of tacky khaki but it had a bigger impact than that and it’s been a real blessing to be part of that".

Carson was pretty shocked he was kicked out of the jungle but mainly because he wanted to raise more money for Olivia Newton John’s Cancer Centre.

When asked who he clicked the most with he was keen to hang with his new friends including jungle fave Nat Bass who he previously met on So You Think You Can Dance.

"It’s very bonding to eat lambs testicles together," he said.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on for 100 episodes and earnt Carson a day time Emmy.

Since then, he's been keeping busy working on How to Look Good Naked, and Carson-nation TV shows.

Hear the full interview with our favourite jzeush expert here: