Bridesmaid For Hire

Do You Wish You Paid A Stranger?

Bridesmaid For Hire

Thinking about starting a new profession? Love weddings?

You can now hire someone to be your bridesmaid!

Jen Glantz lives in New York City and has a wardrobe full of bridesmaids dresses after starting her own business. 

'All of my friends got engaged very early-on and I was always a bridesmaid for them so I thought why don't I do that for strangers'.

With packages starting at $300 for a wedding coach and up to $2,000 for bridesmaid hire she's been hired by over 60 clients.

'Sometimes you don't have close friends or if you do have close friends they don't know how to do the job for you'.

Jen calls herself the 'wedding whisperer' and told Amos, Cat and Angus 'no one even knows because they think I am a friend of the bride'.

But is it all fun and games?

'I've had to deal with some real bridezillas.. one girl got so drunk at her own wedding she was screaming saying it was the worst night of her life'.

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