Brad Ebert’s Take On The Murphy Sledging Saga

“What’s happened has gone too far"

Brad Ebert’s Take On The Murphy Sledging Saga

This morning Brad Ebert joined Amos, Cat & Angus and spoke about where the line needs to be drawn when it comes to on field sledges in AFL. 

After the Saints and Carlton bust up over the weekend, comments were made about Marc Murphy’s wife Jessie on the field. 

On the incident Brad said: 

“What’s happened has gone too far, especially once it starts hitting social media, and social media trolls get onto it, it can be a pretty hard time for him and his wife, especially If the comments are untrue.” 

“On the field it’s all fun and games and you can sledge a little bit, but once you start going at the family, race and religion, you are going too far.”

“I saw Jake Carlisle came out and apologise for his comments, you could see he was remorseful.

I wouldn’t be hanging him out to dry for too long, but it was definitely too far.”

“It’s shocking and disappointing really.”

When he was asked what his reaction would be if someone said something about his wife Bec, Brad responded:

“I’d be very disappointed.

A lot of the time you understand that comments made on the field are trying to get you off your game, and so you don’t take too much to heart.

But when it’s getting into family matters, race, and religion, those are things you don’t want to hear.”