Bloke Already Lining Up For New iPhone Plans To Sell His Spot For Big Money

Will you be lining up?

Bloke Already Lining Up For New iPhone Plans To Sell His Spot For Big Money Apple

One bloke is already lining up on Sydney’s George St, even though there is still ten days until the iPhone 8 comes out!  

Chatting with Hit 107's Amos, Cat & Angus, Mazen Kourouche discussed why he’s parked himself there so early and how much money he could sell his seat for… hint: It’s a lot!  

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So what can we expect in these new iPhones?  Take a look! 

The new 5.8 inch iPhone X will feature: 

 - Facial recognition  

 - An edge-to-edge screen display 

 - Wireless charging

 - No home button 

 - An OLED screen (basically brighter, sharper and more vibrant) 

 - Upgrades to the camera, including animated emojis which react to your face (!), a dual lens with a wide angle camera, and portrait mode for the front camera.

 - Augmented reality features!  

 A 64GB phone will be released for $1,579, as will a more expensive 256GB option which will set you back $1,828.  

 Take a look -  


Yep, get ready for your phone not to unlock when it doesn’t recognise your face without makeup. 

The iPhone X is set to be released November 3, with pre-orders available October 27. 

 The technology giant has also launched the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus which again boast wireless charging, improved cameras and “ the most powerful and smartest chip in a smartphone.”

 Take a look -  


The iPhone 8 will cost $1,079 (64GB) and $1,229 (256GB), with pre-orders starting September 15 and in-store sales launching September 22. 

Will you be lining up for a new iPhone? Have you lined up before? Tell us about it in our Facebook comments!

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