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Beauty and the Beast Star's Daughter Did The Cutest Thing

Amos, Cat and Angus Speak To Lefou

Beauty and the Beast Star's Daughter Did The Cutest Thing

Beauty and the Beast actor Josh Gad lived in Australia so now goes into everything with low expectations - the true Aussie way.

Amos, Cat and Angus spoke to the man who plays Lefou with Angus telling him, he too went into the movie with low expectations but came out pleasantly surprised. 

'You've turned me into a massive fan of this mate, congratulations it's a great film' Angus said. 

Josh said his kids also loved the movie.

'I asked them for a quick pick me up who their favourite character was but Lefou was at the bottom of the list after Belle, Belle's dad, Belle's horse etc'.

Josh has always enjoyed doing children's movies to entertain his kids.

He played the very popular Olaf from Frozen and at the age of 2, his daughter could recognise his giggle.

'We were at the movies and a trailer for Frozen came on with only Olaf's laugh, no talking and she said Dadda? More Daddy.'

Russia's culture minister has banned people under the age of 16 from seeing Beauty and the Beast because of some of its homosexual innuendos.

'It's sad to me that we are even having this conversation in this day and age' Josh said.

'What's really wonderful about this film are these incredible messages, like never judge a book by its cover'.

The movie's out on March 23 and you can hear the rest of his chat here: