Australia’s Favourite ‘90s Boy Band Has A New Album Out!

Merry Christmas!

Australia’s Favourite ‘90s Boy Band Has A New Album Out! NBC

Just in time for Christmas, one of Australia’s favourite bands is back with a brand new festive album. 

We are so here for this. 

This morning, hit 107’s Christmas carol lover Angus sat down with Hanson drummer Zac Hanson to discuss their new album, Finally It's Christmas


Last time Hanson was on the show, the band joked that Justin Bieber’s music was like “chlamydia of the ear”. Now, Zac has reflected on the comment, saying:

“I never thought I would talk about that particular disease in relation to anyone that much publicly. It is amazing that it got picked up that much… I thought it was a fun joke at the time, then it just went all differently.” 

Listen to the full interview below! 

Sorry Mariah, you may have some competition in the charts this season! 

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