Angus' Ultimate Stitch Up!

Poor Cat...

You might remember last year Cat said goodbye to her beloved, long-time companion - her Mazda 3. 

She traded it in for her new ride, but Amos and Angus couldn’t quite let the old car go off to its new home without saying a goodbye rap video (What even is a goodbye rap video??). The only problem was that Angus decided to do an army roll over the top of the car and… boy is packin’ some booty because it left a giant dent on Cat’s roof! 

Having tested poor Cat’s patience, the guys decided to see just how far they could go and concocted a plan: They set up a fake call from the car dealership to Cat to let her know the new buyer had found the dent (which they thought they’d removed!) and wants compensation from her… How would she react? 

So, she didn’t quite buy it at first, so it was time to level up! 

Angus pretended he’d received a call from the dealership too, but that he hadn’t been quite as polite with his responses. Now that she knew (or…thought she knew!) that Angus wasn’t behind it, she started to get a bit worried… 

If there was anyone who wouldn’t muck around, it would be senior management in the company. So, obviously, we got them involved! 

Cat and Angus got called into a meeting to let them know that the car dealership had wanted to advertise with us and was now pulling out due to Cat and Angus’ reactions… 

And now, with some of THE best facial expressions, you will EVER see, watch what went down when Cat thought both that both their jobs were on the line!

Take a look it the video above!