ADELAIDE: When Have You Busted Your Kid Lying?

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ADELAIDE: When Have You Busted Your Kid Lying?

After a new study revealed that children are learning to lie from as young as three, carrying out the art of deception and churning out fibs for personal gain, we asked listeners to tell us when they'd busted their kids lying.

Cat revealed that she herself was caught stealing coins and her mum made her do a show-and-tell at school with the coins to embarrass her... then and there she vowed never to steal or lie again.

Amos's younger step-brother dobbed in his own sister for a crack in the wall...  the house was was actually salt damp.

One of our callers had a bit more of an extreme story, telling us that her daughter had been telling people at her school that she (Natalie) had died, clearly she hadn't...she called the show this morning.

Hear the other crackers we uncovered below: