Things you know to be true if you have attended a country race meet

It's Spring Carnival time!

Things you know to be true if you have attended a country race meet

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Your feet WILL get dirty

Ladies in heels, or gentlemen wearing thongs, if your feet aren’t dirty and dusty (or worse… muddy) by the end of the day, have you really spent a day at the country races? It’s all part of the experience, Spring Carnival time of year tends to be dry and dusty which translates to scrubbing your feet in the shower the next day!


Bumping into old friends

The Races is such a good place to catch up with old friends (or foes), for a lot of people going to country race meets is a tradition, there’s a good chance you’ll see people you haven’t caught up with since last year’s event. On the other hand, if you’re avoiding an ex, you might want to wear a disguise…

Fashion is important, but only to a degree…

Whilst looking 10/10 is still important and you may want to sport the season’s hottest and edgiest race wear, it’s wise to dress for the country conditions. For example, your 7 inch stilettos may look ahhhh-mazing not be the most practical choice for walking across the grass, there’s nothing wrong with a grass-friendly pair of wedges. It’s not uncommon at the country races to see the lads in RM’s and a polo!


Onion Weed

Botanical enthusiasts refer to it as Asphodelus fistulosus, but it’s more colloquially known as ‘Onion Weed’, you probably even tried to eat it in Primary School. That stuff is everywhere at country race tracks, it’s slippery as hell and spiky. Surely there’s a scientific explanation as to why onion weed flourishes in equine conditions, maybe a question for Google…

Musical Marquees…enough said

All country race goers, whether they admit it or not, magically found themselves (AKA snuck) into a marquee that you weren’t perhaps invited to #whoops. After a long day of standing on your feet in the general admission area, it’s highly appealing to take a seat and make use of someone else’s catering, let’s be honest they probably wouldn’t notice anyway and how many ribbon sandwiches can a person eat? An invitation from a friend of a friend is good enough, right?


The struggle of getting home is real

Uber might be making it’s way to be Bendigo in the coming weeks however make sure you have a solid plan of how to get home after the races. Taxi’s can be difficult to get at peak times so organise for a friend to be the designated driver or tee up a ride with a parent. Plan now to get home later!

There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Sure Bet’

Even though the old man in front of you in the line to the bookie looks like he knows a thing or two about ponies, he probably doesn’t. Wearing boots and an Akubra hat doesn’t necessarily mean they can pick a winner!

The Details

What: 2017 Jayco Bendigo Cup

When: Wednesday 1 November 2017, Gates Open 10.30am

Where: Bendigo Jockey Club

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