What You Should Start Doing Each Time You Visit A Townsville Beach

Take 3 for the sea

What You Should Start Doing Each Time You Visit A Townsville Beach

In a doco I recently watched (probably the first one since high school) they mentioned the Take 3 movement, and it has stuck with me ever since. 

It's super simple- you take 3 pieces of rubbish off the beach every time you visit

Sadly you could probably take 33 pieces with you, due to the carelessness of some people who are leaving behind tinnies, wrappers, bottles and more. 

I always have my chihuahua's doggy-doo bags on me at the beach, so I slip anything I find into there, but I wouldn't hesitate to take a bigger bag next time given the amount of rubbish that is left on our North Queensland beaches. 

Too often turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, and fish become trapped in fishing line- all due to rubbish not being disposed of properly. 

These are scenarios that occur once the rubbish washes into the ocean, but damage is done on the land too. 

Seabirds feed their chicks pieces of what they think is food, but it's actually plastic found on our beaches, or floating on the ocean.

"In a recent study, an Australian shearwater chick was found to have over 80 pieces of plastic in its stomach – so many there was no room for anything nutritious," Great Barrier Reef Blog wrote online. 

When Nemo ends up in the fish tank and the other fishies ask him what the big blue is like, he tells them 'big and blue.'

But if he were to be completely honest he'd have to mention the fishing nets, bottle caps, and plastic bags that are residing in the big blue too. 


The next time you're at Palla, Saunders, Toolakea, Forrest and the rest of our gorgeous North Queensland beaches just take 3 and you'll be making a difference.