A.B & Ben chat about the dangers of dogs off-leash

After a dog attack in Nana Glen

Following a concerning incident in Nana Glen last week, A.B & Ben chatted about dogs off-leash and the risks involved. 

Video has emerged of a visitor from Sydney was left wrestling on the ground with the dog, after it appears to attack a smaller dog.

The incident took place just after 2pm last Friday and was captured on CCTV footage.

WARNING: Distressing content

The canine victim was left with puncture wounds and on antibiotics under vet care.

Ben, who has two dogs of his own, is concerned people are too flippant about keeping their dogs on leashes. 


Following the attack in Nana Glen Police were called, with the incident reported and an investigation said to have taken place. However has since learned that the dog will be microchipped and made to stay in its yard.