This Sydney Burger Joint Just Saved A Woman's First Date

He just took off

This Sydney Burger Joint Just Saved A Woman's First Date Milky Lane

Okay listen, it's no secret that first dates are literally the worst…

And well, one of the worst parts is the AWKWARDNESS… and well, the fact of who is going to pay.

One couple decided to head on down to Milky Lane in Bondi for their first date and tbh, it was one for the books.

All the natural first date awkwardness was there and thankfully for them, the staff at Milky Lane tried to help them break the ice.

One thing lead to another and they finished their meal in 30 minutes… the guy then went to grab some money from the ATM to pay and well… he never returned.

She tried to call him, but he had already blocked her number within 15 minutes of leaving.

Christian the owner of Milky Lane told Em, Grant & Ed this morning the whole story of how the night went down and we are literally heartbroken for her.

The poor girl was clearly a bit upset, she had travelled an hour on public transport to go on the date and had no friends in the area... so the Milky Lane staff saved the day!

They gave her some tequila shots and an $150 voucher to come back and enjoy the night for herself… and a staff member even took her out with a night on the town in Bondi.

We just fell in love with Milky Lane even more!

Listen to the whole story below.

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