Sydney Is About To Lose Something That's Beloved By Kids & People Are Furious

Council vs The Kids!

Sydney Is About To Lose Something That's Beloved By Kids & People Are Furious

Up in the Northern Beaches, there is a tree swing that connects kids of all ages in the community.

Yesterday, the Balgowlah swing made headlines after the Northern beaches Council decided to take the tree swing down after receiving a complaint from an Australia Post worker.

The community around the beloved swing has rallied together to fight the council and keep the swing, that they believe is encouraging their children to interact with each other and play outside.

This morning, Marcel, who lives in the suburb, called in to explain to 2DayFM Breakfast' Grant and Ed about why the swing is such an important part of the Balgowlah community.

He's helped start a campaign called Save Our Swing that has been organising events to help save the precious swing.

"This is a little swing for toddlers, they go to Manly West, down the end of the school, they have a little swing on their way past [whilst] going to pick up their brothers and sisters from drop-off and pick-up.

"Our biggest thing is that this is the fun police gone crazy!"

Marcel explained that the street that the swing lives on is very small and everyone is very close. They "have barbecues together", "have the old cricket games on the street", "playing handball" and they're even "getting the chalk out" to draw on that small street's tarmac.

The street is an idyllic Australian community and they believe that cutting down the swing would ruin the lifestyle of their children.

Have a listen to the full interview below where Marcel explains how you can help save the Balgowlah tree swing:

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