Samantha X Explains What An Escort ACTUALLY Does Day-To-Day

"I'm quite vanilla..."

Samantha X Explains What An Escort ACTUALLY Does Day-To-Day @samanthaxreal Instagram

Working as an escort sounds very NSFW, it's a job that most people don't understand and many want to learn more about.

It's an interesting profession and while some people frown upon it, others embrace it because they believe that it empowers the people who do it.

Grant, Ed and Ash London wanted to learn more about what an escort actually does and if it really was all about sex, so they called on Samantha X, to explain it to them in more detail.

First, the general question was asked: Does being an escort just involve sex?

Samantha X explained that sex isn't very regular at all and instead, people simply hire escorts to simply sit and talk to them.

"What we do in that time is up to them and usually it's a lot of listening and talking.

"I always say I'm an overpaid psychologist."

Samantha also explains what the downsides of the job are and how it can take a toll on her personal relationships:

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